The Bayeslsa State House of has passed three bills after subjecting them to thorough debates and public hearings.

The bills are the Media Corporation Bill 2018, the Registration of Neighbourhood Watch Bill 2018 and the Community Safety Corp Bill 2018.

Describing the passage of these bills Speaker of the House, Rt Hon Konbowei Benson said it this is a major breakthrough for the state and thanked members for their wisdom in tackling them and urged the operators of the Neighbourhood Watch to walk in tandem with the rules guiding them in ensuring transparency in all their activities.

The bill on Community Safety Corp will ensure safety and security of communities, institutions and facilities owned by the State Government in collaboration with regular security outfits in the state.

The Neighbourhood Watch bill will enable its operators to ensure the security of our neighbourhoods, patrol and keep surveillance, monitor the movement of persons and give information to the police in the event of reasonable suspicion of persons.

The Media Corporation bill on the other hand, while repealing the Bayelsa State Newspaper Corporation and the Bayelsa State Broadcasting Corporation laws will help to maintain a single, coordinated and well administered media outfit to bring about efficiency, central supervision and [proper monitoring of information dissemination.