Office of the Clerk



The Clerk of the House of Assembly is a Civil Servant; he is the Chief accounting Officer and provides both administrative and legislative advice to all Hon. Members and Staff of the Assembly. He is the custodian of the votes and proceedings, Bills, Reports of House Committees of the House. The following have served as Clerk of the House:

1.      Barr. Ebiegberi Domo-Spiff

1997-May-1999, Clerk Designate

Clerk of the House May 1999-April 2001

                                                             2.      Elder P. K. George

                                                            Acting Clerk; April-2001-October 2001

                                                            Clerk of the House October 2001-June 2011

                                                            3.      Aaron Nicodemus Timiye

                                                            Acting Clerk 9th June 2011-9th February 2012

                                                            Clerk of the House February 2012-September 2018

                                                            4.      Owudogu, Edward Kozi

                                                            Acting Clerk September 2018-to date